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Mv X 10
PTS: Mv X 6 | CS: vin.mv.10.10
Mnemonic Verses
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
Alternate translations/layout: 'line by line' Pāḷi - English
[261] In Kosambī was the excellent victor, the quarrel over seeing an offense, They should not suspend him over just anything;[1] (but) he should confess the offense out of conviction. Right there in the territory, Bālakaloṇakāraka and the Bamboo Park, Pārileyyā and Sāvatthī, Sāriputta and Kolita Mahā Kassapa and Kaccāna, Koṭṭhita along with Kappina, Mahā Cunda and Anuruddha, both Revata and Upāli.[2] Ānanda and even Rāhula, Gotamī and Anāthapiṇḍika, Visākhā, Migāra’s Mother, vacant dwellings, and material gifts divided equally. Consent is not to be conveyed for anyone, he was counter-questioned by Upāli, one faultless in virtue,[3] unification in the victor’s dispensation.

The Mahāvagga is completed.


following ME; ukkhipeyya yasmiṁ tasmiṁ tassa yāpatti desaye. [ME: nukkhipeyya yasmiṁ tasmiṁ, saddhāyāpatti desaye.
revato upālivhayo [ME: upāli cubho]
upāli paripucchito [ME: upāliparipucchito] anupavajjo [ME: anānuvajjo] sīlena
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