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Mv X 03
PTS: Mv X 4 | CS: vin.mv.10.03
The Discussion of Going to Bālakaloṇaka
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
Alternate translations/layout: 'line by line' Pāḷi - English

(Mv.X.4.1) [248] Having recited these verses while standing in the midst of the Saṅgha,[1] the Blessed One went to Bālakaloṇakāraka Village. At that time, Ven. Bhāgu was living near Bālakaloṇakāraka Village. Ven. Bhāgu saw the Blessed One coming from afar, and on seeing him laid out a seat. Having set out water for washing his feet, a foot-stool, and a foot-washing block, he went out to receive his robes & bowl. The Blessed One sat down on the seat laid out and washed his feet. Ven. Bhagu, having bowed to the Blessed One, sat to one side. As he was sitting there, the Blessed One said to him, “Is it agreeable, monk? Are you getting by? Are you tired from going for alms?”

“It’s tolerable, Lord. I’m getting by. And I’m not tired from going for alms.”

Then the Blessed One, having instructed, urged, roused, & encouraged Ven. Bhagu with a Dhamma talk, got up from his seat and went to the Eastern Bamboo Park.


See Mv 10.02.
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