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Mv V 13
PTS: Mv V 13.3 | CS: vin.mv.05.13
Mnemonic Verses
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
Alternate translations/layout: 'line by line' Pāḷi - English
[24] The King of Magadha, Soṇa, the leader of 80,000 Sāgata, on Vulture Peak, displayed many marvels. Acceptance, exerting, they split, a vīṇa, single-soled, blue/green, yellow, blood-red, crimson, and black. Orange and beige, and with straps: He prohibited them. Heel-coverings, boots, and shoes. cotton, partridge, rams, and goats. Scorpion, peacock, decorated, lion, tiger, and leopard, black antelope, otter, and cat, squirrel and flying fox — they were embellished. Split, leather footwear, and corns, (un-)washed, stumps, clacking, palmyra, bamboo, and also grass: muñja, reeds, and marshy date-palm. Kamala grass, wool, and gold, silver, gems, lapis lazuli, crystal, bronze, and glass, tin, lead, and copper. A cow, a vehicle, and a sick (monk), yoked by a man [with a bull], a sedan chair, furnishings for reclining, large skins, with cow-hide, the evil (monk). Householders’ (furnishings), with leather straps, they entered, the sick one. Mahā Kaccāna, Soṇa, the Aṭṭhaka Vagga, chanted, Acceptance with the fifth, multi-soled, regular bathing.[1] He allowed hide-coverings,[2] no counting of the time-span until. The leader granted these five requests to the Elder Soṇa.


gaṇā [ME: guṇaṅguṇā] dhuvasināyanā
sammattharaṇānuññāsi [ME: cammattharaṇānuññāsi]
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