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Mv III 11
PTS: Mv III 13 | CS: vin.mv.03.11
'Line by Line'
Non-dhamma Agreements
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
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117. adhammikakatikā (Mv.III.13.1)
Non-dhamma Agreements [BMC]

[220] tena kho pana samayena sāvatthiyā saṅghena katikā katā hoti antarāvassaṁ na pabbājetabbanti.

Now at that time in Sāvatthī, an agreement had been made by the Saṅgha that, “During the Rains, the Going-forth is not to be given.”

visākhāya migāramātuyā nattā bhikkhū upasaṅkamitvā pabbajjaṁ yāci.

The grandson of Visākhā, Migāra’s Mother, having gone to the monks, requested the Going-forth.

bhikkhū evamāhaṁsu saṅghena kho āvuso katikā katā antarāvassaṁ na pabbājetabbanti

The monks said, “Friend, an agreement has been made by the Saṅgha that, ‘During the Rains, the Going-forth is not to be given.’

āgamehi āvuso yāva bhikkhū vassaṁ vasanti vassaṁ vutthā pabbājessantīti.

“Wait, friend, until the monks who are staying for the Rains have completed the Rains — (then) they will give (you) the Going-forth.”

athakho te bhikkhū vassaṁ vutthā visākhāya migāramātuyā nattāraṁ etadavocuṁ ehīdāni āvuso pabbajāhīti.

Then the monks, having completed the Rains, said to the grandson of Visākhā, Migāra’s Mother, “Come, friend, and go forth now.”

so evamāha sacāhaṁ bhante pabbajito assaṁ abhirameyyāmahaṁ nadānāhaṁ bhante pabbajissāmīti.

He said, “Venerable sirs, if I had [H: could have] gone forth (before), I would have delighted (in it), but now, venerable sirs, I won’t go forth.”

(Mv.III.13.2) visākhā migāramātā ujjhāyati khīyati vipāceti kathaṁ hi nāma ayyā evarūpaṁ katikaṁ karissanti antarāvassaṁ na pabbājetabbanti kaṁ kālaṁ dhammo na caritabboti.

Visākhā, Migāra’s Mother, criticized and complained and spread it about, “How can the masters make this sort of agreement: ‘During the Rains, the Going-forth is not to be given? At what time should the Dhamma not be followed?’

assosuṁ kho bhikkhū visākhāya migāramātuyā ujjhāyantiyā khīyantiyā vipācentiyā.

The monks heard Visākhā, Migāra’s Mother, criticizing and complaining and spreading it about.

athakho te bhikkhū bhagavato etamatthaṁ ārocesuṁ.

Then the monks reported the matter to the Blessed One.

na bhikkhave evarūpā katikā kātabbā antarāvassaṁ na pabbājetabbanti yo kareyya āpatti dukkaṭassāti.

“Monks, this sort of agreement should not be made: ‘During the Rains, the Going-forth is not to be given.’ Whoever should make (this agreement): an offense of wrong doing.”

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