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Mv I 54
PTS: Mv I 68 | CS: vin.mv.01.54
'Line by Line'
The Case of the Hermaphrodite
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
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54. ubhatobyañjanakavatthu (Mv.I.68.1)
The Case of the Hermaphrodite [BMC]

[132] tena kho pana samayena aññataro ubhatobyañjanako bhikkhūsu pabbajito hoti.

Now on that occasion a certain hermaphrodite had gone forth among the monks.

So karotipi kārāpetipi.

He did it and had it done (to him).

bhagavato etamatthaṁ ārocesuṁ.

They reported the matter to the Blessed One.

Ubhatobyañjanako bhikkhave anupasampanno na upasampādetabbo upasampanno nāsetabboti.

“Monks, a hermaphrodite, if unaccepted, is not to be given Acceptance. If accepted, he is to be expelled.”

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