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Mv I 51
PTS: Mv I 65 | CS: vin.mv.01.51
The Case of the Patricide[1]
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
Alternate translations/layout: 'line by line' Pāḷi - English

(Mv.I.65.1) [129] Now on that occasion, a certain brahman youth deprived his father of life. He became horrified, humiliated, and disgusted with that evil action. Then the thought occurred to him, “Now, by what strategy might I wipe out this evil action?”

Then he thought, “These Sakyan-son contemplatives live in line with the Dhamma, live in tune, live the holy life, speak the truth, are virtuous and fine-natured.

“If I went forth among the Sakyan-son contemplatives I would wipe out this evil action.”

So the brahman youth went to the monks and requested the Going-forth. The monks said to Ven. Upāli,

“Friend Upāli, previously a nāga in the form of a brahman youth went forth among the monks. Come, friend Upāli, and question this brahman youth.”

Then, being questioned by Ven. Upāli, the brahman youth reported the matter to him. Ven, Upāli reported the matter to the monks.

The monks reported the matter to the Blessed One.

“Monks, a patricide, if unaccepted, is not to be given Acceptance. If accepted, he is to be expelled.”

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