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Mv I 50
PTS: Mv I 64 | CS: vin.mv.01.50
'Line by Line'
The Case of the Matricide
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
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50. mātughātakavatthu (Mv.I.64.1)
The Case of the Matricide [BMC]

[128] tena kho pana samayena aññataro māṇavako mātaraṁ jīvitā voropesi.

Now on that occasion, a certain brahman youth deprived his mother of life.

So tena pāpakena kammena aṭṭiyati harāyati jigucchati.

He became horrified, humiliated, and disgusted with that evil action.

athakho tassa māṇavakassa etadahosi kena nu kho ahaṁ upāyena imassa pāpakassa kammassa nikkhantiṁ kareyyanti.

Then the thought occurred to him, “Now, by what strategy might I wipe out this evil action?”

athakho tassa māṇavakassa etadahosi ime kho samaṇā sakyaputtiyā dhammacārino samacārino brahmacārino saccavādino sīlavanto kalyāṇadhammā

Then he thought, “These Sakyan-son contemplatives live in line with the Dhamma, live in tune, live the holy life, speak the truth, are virtuous and fine-natured.

sace kho ahaṁ samaṇesu sakyaputtiyesu pabbajeyyaṁ evāhaṁ imassa pāpakassa kammassa nikkhantiṁ kareyyanti.

“If I went forth among the Sakyan-son contemplatives I would wipe out this evil action.”

athakho so māṇavako bhikkhū upasaṅkamitvā pabbajjaṁ yāci.

So the brahman youth went to the monks and requested the Going-forth.

bhikkhū āyasmantaṁ upāliṁ etadavocuṁ

The monks said to Ven. Upāli,

pubbepi kho āvuso upāli nāgo māṇavakavaṇṇena bhikkhūsu pabbajito iṅghāvuso upāli imaṁ māṇavakaṁ anuyuñjāhīti.

“Friend Upāli, previously a nāga in the form of a brahman youth went forth among the monks. Come, friend Upāli, and question this brahman youth.”

athakho so māṇavako āyasmatā upālinā anuyuñjiyamāno etamatthaṁ ārocesi.

Then, being questioned by Ven. Upāli, the brahman youth reported the matter to him.

Āyasmā upāli bhikkhūnaṁ etamatthaṁ ārocesi.

Ven, Upāli reported the matter to the monks.

bhikkhū bhagavato etamatthaṁ ārocesuṁ.

The monks reported the matter to the Blessed One.

Mātughātako bhikkhave anupasampanno na upasampādetabbo upasampanno nāsetabboti.

“Monks, a matricide, if unaccepted, is not to be given Acceptance. If accepted, he is to be expelled.”

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