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Mv I 45
PTS: Mv I 59 | CS: vin.mv.01.45
'Line by Line'
The Case of Luring Away
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
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45. apalāḷanavatthu (Mv.I.59.1)
The Case of Luring Away [BMC]

[123] tena kho pana samayena chabbaggiyā bhikkhū therānaṁ bhikkhūnaṁ sāmaṇere apalāḷenti

Now at that time the Group-of-six monks lured away the senior monks’ novices.

therā sāmaṁ dantakaṭṭhampi mukhodakampi gaṇhantā kilamanti.

The senior monks were put to difficulty getting their own tooth-wood and water for washing the mouth.

bhagavato etamatthaṁ ārocesuṁ.

They reported the matter to the Blessed One.

na bhikkhave aññassa parisā apalāḷetabbā yo apalāḷeyya āpatti dukkaṭassāti.

“Monks, another’s following should not be lured away. Whoever should lure it away: an offense of wrong doing.”

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