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Mv I 31
PTS: Mv I 44 | CS: vin.mv.01.31
'Line by Line'
The Case of the Man Who had been Whipped
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
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31. kasāhatavatthu (Mv.I.44.1)
The Case of the Man Who had been Whipped [BMC]

[106] tena kho pana samayena aññataro puriso kasāhato katadaṇḍakammo bhikkhūsu pabbajito hoti.

Now at that time a certain man who had been whipped/caned as punishment went forth among the monks.

manussā ujjhāyanti khīyanti vipācenti

People criticized and complained and spread it about,

kathaṁ hi nāma samaṇā sakyaputtiyā kasāhataṁ katadaṇḍakammaṁ pabbājessantīti.

“How can the Sakyan-son contemplatives give the Going-forth to one who has been whipped/caned as punishment?”

bhagavato etamatthaṁ ārocesuṁ.

They reported the matter to the Blessed One.

na bhikkhave kasāhato katadaṇḍakammo pabbājetabbo yo pabbājeyya āpatti dukkaṭassāti.

“Monks, a man who has been whipped/caned as punishment should not be given the Going-forth. Whoever should give it: an offense of wrong doing.”

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