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Mv I 8
PTS: Mv I 1.11 | CS: vin.mv.01.08
"line by line"
The Discussion of Māra
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
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(Mv.I.11.1) [32] athakho bhagavā bhikkhū āmantesi muttāhaṁ bhikkhave sabbapāsehi ye dibbā ye ca mānusā

Then the Blessed One addressed the monks, “I am released from all snares, whether human or divine.

tumhepi bhikkhave muttā sabbapāsehi ye dibbā ye ca mānusā

“Monks, you are also released from all snares, whether human or divine.

caratha bhikkhave cārikaṁ bahujanahitāya bahujanasukhāya lokānukampāya atthāya hitāya sukhāya devamanussānaṁ

“Wander, monks, for the benefit & happiness of many, out of sympathy for the world, for the welfare, benefit, & happiness of human beings and devas.

mā ekena dve agamittha

“Don’t any two of you go the same way.

desetha bhikkhave dhammaṁ ādikalyāṇaṁ majjhekalyāṇaṁ pariyosānakalyāṇaṁ sātthaṁ sabyañjanaṁ kevalaparipuṇṇaṁ parisuddhaṁ brahmacariyaṁ pakāsetha

“Teach the Dhamma fine in the beginning, fine in the middle, fine in the end. Expound the holy life both in its particulars and in its essence, entirely complete, surpassingly pure.

santi sattā apparajakkhajātikā assavanatā dhammassa parihāyanti bhavissanti dhammassa aññātāro

“There are beings with little dust in their eyes who are falling away because they do not hear the Dhamma. There will be those who will understand the Dhamma.

ahampi bhikkhave yena uruvelā senānigamo tenupasaṅkamissāmi dhammadesanāyāti.

I will go to the military town of Uruvelā to teach the Dhamma.”

(Mv.I.11.2) [33] athakho māro pāpimā yena bhagavā tenupasaṅkami upasaṅkamitvā bhagavantaṁ gāthāya ajjhabhāsi

Then Mara the Evil One went to the Blessed One and, on arrival, recited this verse in his presence:

baddhosi sabbapāsehi

ye dibbā ye ca mānusā


na me samaṇa mokkhasīti.

“You’re bound by all snares,

human and divine.

You’re bound by a great bond —

Contemplative, you’re not freed from me.”

muttohaṁ sabbapāsehi

ye dibbā ye ca mānusā


nihato tvamasi antakāti.

[The Buddha:] “I’m released from all snares,

whether human or divine.

I’m freed from the great bond —

You’re struck down, End-maker.”

antalikkhacaro pāso

yvāyaṁ carati mānaso

tena taṁ bandhayissāmi

na me samaṇa mokkhasīti.

[Māra:] ”A snare of the mind,

that travels in the air —

I will bind you with it.

Contemplative, you’re not freed from me.”

rūpā saddā gandhā rasā

phoṭṭhabbā ca manoramā

ettha me vigato chando

nihato tvamasi antakāti.

[The Buddha:] Forms, sounds, aromas and tastes,

tactile sensations that delight the mind —

My desire there is gone.

You’re struck down, End-maker.”

athakho māro pāpimā jānāti maṁ bhagavā jānāti maṁ sugatoti dukkhī dummano tatthevantaradhāyi.

Then Māra the Evil One — sad & dejected (at realizing), “The Blessed One knows me; the One Well-Gone knows me” — vanished right there.

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