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SN 22.109
PTS: S iii 160
CDB i 965
Sotaapanno Sutta: The Sotaapanna ('Stream-winner')
übersetzt aus dem Pali von
Maurice O'Connell Walshe
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Der Pali-Titel dieser Sutta basiert auf der PTS (Feer) - Ausgabe.

[At Saavatthii the Blessed One said:] "Monks, there are these five groups of clinging. What five? The body-group of clinging, the feeling-group, the perception-group, the mental-formation-group, the consciousness-group of clinging.

"And when, monks, the Ariyan disciple understands as they really are the arising and the passing away, the attractiveness and the danger, and the deliverance from the five groups of clinging, he is called an Ariyan disciple who is a Stream-winner, not liable to states of woe,[1] assured of final enlightenment."


The Stream-winner (sotaapanna) is assured of enlightenment and will not be reborn more than seven times, or in any state lower than the human. See also SN 55.24, n. 7.
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