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Thig 6.7
translated from the Pali by
Thanissaro Bhikkhu

[The Buddha admonished me:]

Gutta, devote yourself to the goal for which you went forth, having discarded [hope] for a dear son of your own. Don't fall under the sway of the mind. Hoodwinked by mind, beings in love with Mara's realm, roam through the many-birth wandering-on, unknowing. Abandoning these lower fetters, nun — sensual desire, ill will, self-identity views, grasping at precepts & practices, and uncertainty as the fifth — you won't come to this again. Forsaking passion, conceit, ignorance, & restlessness —cutting through [all] the fetters — you will make an end of suffering & stress. Discarding birth & wandering-on, comprehending further becoming, free from hunger in the right-here-&-now you will go about totally calmed.
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