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Thag 8.1
translated from the Pali by
Bhikkhu Bodhi
One should not do much work One should avoid people, One should not bustle (to obtain gifts). One who is eager and greedy for flavors Misses the goal that entails happiness. They knew as a bog this homage and veneration Obtained among devoted families. A subtle dart, difficult to extract, Honor is hard for a vile man to discard. It is not on account of another That a mortal's kamma is evil. On one's own accord one should not resort to evil, For mortals have kamma as their kinsmen. One is not a thief by another's word, One is not a sage by another's word; It is as one knows oneself That the devas also know one. Others do not understand That we all come to an end here. But those wise ones who understand this Thereby settle their quarrels. The wise man lives indeed Even despite the loss of his wealth. But if one does not obtain wisdom, Then even though rich one is not alive. One hears all with the ear, One sees all with the eye, The wise man should not reject Everything that is seen and heard. One with eyes should be as if blind, One with ears as if deaf, One with wisdom as if mute, One with strength as if feeble. Then, when the goal has been attained, One may lie upon one's death bed.
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