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Sn 5.15
Mogharaja-manava-puccha: Mogharaja's Question
übersetzt aus dem Pali von
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
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Alternative Übersetzung: Ireland


Twice now, O Sakyan, I've asked you, but you, One with vision, haven't answered me. When asked the third time the celestial seer answers: so I have heard. This world, the next world, the Brahma world with its devas: I don't know how they're viewed by the glorious Gotama. So to the one who has seen to the far extreme, I've come with a question: How does one view the world so as not to be seen by Death's king?

[The Buddha:]

View the world, Mogharaja, as empty — always mindful to have removed any view about self. This way one is above & beyond death. This is how one views the world so as not to be seen by Death's king.


On viewing the world as void, see S.XXXV.85.

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