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AN 9.23
PTS: A iv 396
Taṇhāmūlaka Sutta: Originating from craving
translated from the Pali by
Sister Uppalavanna

“Bhikkhus, I will tell nine things originating from craving, listen attentively. Bhikkhus, what are the nine things originating from craving?

"On account of craving there is a search. On account of a search there is gain. On account of gain there is discrimination. On account of discrimination there is interest and greed. On account of interest and greed there is attachment. On account of attachment there is seizing. On account of seizing there is selfishness. On account of selfishness a protection is sought. Seeking protection stick and weapon is taken and with quarrels, disputes, exchange of words, slandering, telling lies, various demeritorious things arise.

"Bhikkhus, these nine things originate from craving."

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