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Samana Johann

Remark on current situation

Venerable Member of the Sangha,
Valued Upasaka, Upasika,
Dear Visitor,

at current times "Zugang zur Einsicht" does not have a functioning search engine, since the old one - because of a new database-version on the server - does no more work. On searches general issues, you may look at "Info and discussion". Links arriving from use of the old search function and 403,404-errors will be redirected to this page.

Currently there is a implementation of ZzE's content on in progress, which provides a well functioning search-engine as well and can be used already. (Links back to Zze would be provided at the end of the pages)

Generally, if you have hardships in finding certain articles or informations, you may always make use of the possibility to ask via the Work-Forum of Zze/, or to send an email to the helper and administrators. Gladly there will be an effort to assist in your search.

Since there could arise some general questions at this occasion, there are maybe some answers found below.

Here some static access-points:

With confidence that you may understand certain circumstances and that you may always find of what you search after, with Metta and Mudita

Samana Johann
5. October 2017, Aural, Cambodia (edited 9. June 2019)

Often considered Questions in regard of search on Zugangzureinsicht:

General: Zugang zur Einsicht is a carrier of the heritage of goodness and generosity of conscious deeds of the giving of Dhamma. The Sublimity of it's Ancestor Access to Insight is marked not only by the care of creating pages, but also to provide guidance and leading links with much care by the former creator of it and not just simply datas in a manner "Search for your self what ever you like", leaving one alone with ones own capability and "luck".

This important intention of regard and continuing of an important aspect of right view is not only wished to be further transported with the Dhamma but also, even often against the normal stream, wished to improve. And so it is avoided, as much as possible to do not make use of not given means and resources of third parts. By doing so, even it might be not that comfortable as used to, Zugang zur Einsicht and it's users, stay most possible free of bounds and not wished debts which possible do not give much leave in direction of unbound.

Why not simply implement "free" google- or other search-engines?

One conscious for it dedicated means, which do not expect rewards, are used for Zugang zur Einsicht. Of course do search-engine-companies provide services, but they expect various compensations, mostly direct or indirect in advertising-industries. Althought it often would only fall back to someone making use of such, we would not like to forward such a "debt"-production toward anyone. Also often as free and without costs marked things do always have their binding effects, which is most not dedicated toward Awakening and Independence, even if well meant.

There would be the possibility of advertiscing-free, paid use, of search engines. Why such is not used?

Zugang zur Einsicht and all around it, exists because of conscious given and sacrifices where the use of money and exchange is generally avoided, not used. There are would be also no contracts made, which would restrict and bind the primary objected recipient, the Sangha of the eight direction, or bring the user into situations of being obligated.

Why not using open-source or other "own" search-engines?

What ever is given or might be given in the frame of the general intention of the involved maintainer, is and would be of course used. It requires and would require also the proper circumstances of existing means, technical knowledge and if such comes together it would be used. At current such possibilities are not given.

How could I possible help with the finding of things?

It's always welcome to add cross-links. One may always suggest such in the work-forum. If you feel that you like to get involved directly in such things, you may be provided with necessary ftp-access after needed exchange of information See also: Co-Work.

Note: Since some month one can easily and directly work and give into at the pages of if inspired.