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"BCBS OnLine" BBS is launched (2 May 1993).
BBS is renamed "Access to Insight" (12 June 1993).
"Access to Insight" website is launched (29 March 1995).
"Access to Insight" BBS closes down (29 November 1995).
"Zugang zur Einsicht" Launching of this German/English "Mirror-Page" of ATI (6. Jän. 2013).
After 20 years of service with editing the ATI page, John Bullit announced on 23. Oct. 2013 the retreat form the dynamic maintenance and further actualization of the ATI web page with the end of 2013 and that he is on the way to prepare a static legacy for the posterity.

I have no surviving records of news summaries for the shaded intervals.

Several other ancillary web presences have come and gone over the years: ATI Facebook page (20100426 - 20120401); ATI "Tech Talk" blog (2005 - 2006); ATI "Queries and Comments" page (2005); "Insight" mailing list (1995).

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