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September 1995

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Changes coming to these pages...[11 Sep 1995]

If you're a regular visitor here, you'll notice these pages changing around a bit from day to day, as I experiment with the use of graphic devices (icons, backgrounds, etc.) If you're not using Netscape, you probably won't notice any of these things, which may be for the better, anyway. If you have suggestions or criticisms about either the look, the layout, or the content of these pages, I welcome your comments.

Access to Insight BBS is moving to the Internet...[11 Sep 1995]

This fall, Access to Insight BBS in Pepperell, Massachusetts, will be moving to the Internet. Since 1993 the BBS has served the online community of Dhamma students and practitioners — many of whom have been associated in some way with the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts — by providing books, retreat schedules, and other information free of charge. For most of our callers, dialing up the BBS has meant an expensive long-distance telephone call. More and more of our callers have been getting acquainted with the Internet and the World Wide Web, and finding this Web page to be a useful alternative to dialing up the BBS.

In the weeks ahead I'll be moving our library of Theravada files, which currently live at the BBS, onto our new ftp site. These files will be easily accessible from this Web page. The final step in the transition will take place on the uposatha day of November 29, when the dial-up BBS will be shutting down for good.

I must apologize for any inconvenience this change may bring. My hope is that by focusing my efforts on maintaining this Web site I can ultimately provide a better service to the meditation community.

INSIGHT mailing list has moved...[11 Sep 1995]

The INSIGHT mailing list, a supportive environment on the Internet for friendly discussion of meditation practice, is under new management and has moved to another site. For information about the mailing list, including subscription instructions, send e-mail to <DELETED> with the words "info insight" in the message body.