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December 2015

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(2011; 43 p./36KB) [PDF icon]

The Ven. author gives with this book detail explaining about the so often recited Protection-Sutta. It might be not only interesting for new comers but also for those familiar with it, since its scrupulously work out in detail, uncovering the hidden in every word, will provide a joyful refreshment about the famous Sutta.


(2010; 26 p./26KB) [PDF icon]

With this small booklet, the author, Ven. Ñāṇadassana Bhikkhu gives a compact introduction, not only in regard of the famous Karaṇīya Metta-Sutta, but also in regard of its proper use and the training of the path around metta bhavana, a tool not only for conditioned well-being or even low compensation to wrong livelihood, but also a tool for the highest gaining ever available. Taking the prerequisites and the Buddha-pointed-out-path serious in all measures and aspects, one is not able to fail the fruits and the path. Using metta as vehicle is most pleasing right from the beginning.


(2015; 6 p./9KB)

A short talks about gratitude, especially in regard of ones parents, as a very basic quality and fundation of right view.


(2015; 3 p./5KB)


(2015; 12 p./14KB) [PDF icon]

This short and clearly arranged compilation of the wholesome meritorious actions gives a raw overview of the practice of disciples in the teachings of the Buddha. In western world, Dāna (Giving), Sīla (Virtue) und Bhāvana (Meditation) are broadly known, but the traditional collections mentions a more fine selection ten of groups under the pillows of the three kinds of skillfull deeds.


(2015; 1 p./3KB)

Upasaka Mahinda Wijesinghe is a Sinhalese practicing Buddhist, who wrote several short Essays of principal teachings, especially on fundamental qualities in regard of the training.


(2015; 1 p./3KB)

Works of Ven. Nyanadassana, avaliable on ZzE