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October 2015

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Old News Archive June - August 2015
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Archiv of the News for the month June till August 2015.


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Dhamma practice means to learn a skill, a skill which secures you all the way to awakening. Many popular thought about the Dhamma are merely an kind of art and as it is with art, it attracts more then just a "simple" skill. But when times are growing more serious, art wouldn't supply you with the possibility to cross the flood. In this short talk, given in March 2015, the author gives some good reasons why it is better to stick with a firm skill.


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A good portion of self ironic and humor which are based on "discernment in doing" are needed to help you to overcome the setback on the path so that you are able to lift your self up and walk on. So don't be shy to laugh about your foolishness and mistakes when ever it is proper. A transcription of an evening talk given in March 2015 at Wat Metta.