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(2014; 15 p./15KB)

Dhammapada 129-145 incl. stories of origin.


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Dhammapada 116-128 incl. stories of origin.


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Dhammapada 100-115 incl. stories of origin.


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Dhammapada 90-99 incl. stories of origin.


(2015; 2 p./5KB)

Here are this year's dates of Uposatha days as observed in Thai Buddhism (Dhammayut and Mahānikai sects). This calendar follows the Dhammayut calculation—which, for the days marked with an asterisk, is one day later than the Mahānikai.


(2015; 3 p./5KB)

What are the reasons that people delight if others are in quarrel and why do they prefer the separation and fear the unity of the community? The Buddha explains Ven. Ananda in this Sutta what might be the cause mad people would have.


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Generosity is not only an outwardly practice but the coarse training, as the foundation for later meditation, in every day life. Here the author explains that one can, through learning generosity and letting go, get more familiar with things that come up in one's mind and get to know them, and thereby become more sensitive in everyday life and in interaction with others. As it is often said in South East Asia, the path is nothing else but letting go and giving, from the coarse to the refined.