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January 2014

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(2014; 3 p./7KB)

The Buddha explains that the bondage of sexuality is not just a matter of sexual intercourse. In this discourse he describe a certain Brahman the seven levels of bondage out of drive for unification.


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In this short essay the author explains the meaning and levels of sexuality in an advanced practice on the Buddhist path while making detail accounts on the Methuna Sutta. 


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Piya Tan Beng Sin, chinese origin, was born 20 August 1949 in Malacca, Malaysia and is also known as Piya Tan or Piyasilo (former monastic name). Having spend 20 years as a Theravadin monk...


(2011; 1 p./4KB)

Three things which are always promulgated by the wise.


(2014; 1 p./3KB)

Old News archive of the Dezember 2013 publication.


(2014; 1 p./4KB)

The six conducts of respect which secure ones way to deliverance.


(2014; 5 p./7KB)

Two sons from well-known Brahman-housholds - the highest cast, the sublime generation - are coming into dispute weather someone is what he is by birth of by deeds. Approaching the Buddha, he then makes account of all various kinds and their attributes in the wheel of life and points out, that the kind of birth, for a human being does by fare not assign his quality.


(2014; 2 p./4KB)

Why are some talks pleasant and why does it happen that people or we ourseles get sometimes annoyed? Buddha points out the reasons for pleasant and unpeasant talks.


(2014; -- p./--)

Ven. Bhikkhu Mettavihari - after being asked about a certain sutta - has generosily offered the use of the translations of Ven. Uppalavanna for further sharing and works in the frame of ZzE. More about this, please see Topic on sangham.net.


(2009; 3 p./8KB)

Gratitude is a generally a regressive sometimes even unwelcome attitude in our modern days. Ven. Ajaan Liam points out - in this talk - the importance of gratitude in our daily life's and for our spiritual grow. (Excerpts from a talk given at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery, California, in May 2009)


(2014; 1 p./4KB)

Index of teachings by Ven. Ajahn Liem, the abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat (Luang Pu Chah’s International Forest Monastery for training non-Thai monks)


(2014; 2 p./5KB)

Here the Buddha points out to an wandering ascetic that alienation and equanimity are not the higherst virtues in regard of praise and blame.


(2014; 1 p./4KB)

Disprais is not good and praise is good; or is even to praise also bad? Both is good and bad: the fail to do as well as to do it.


(2014; 3 p./5KB)

Old News archive of the November 2013 publication.