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November 2013

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(2013; 2 p./7KB) [PDF icon]

A transcription of a short Dhamma-talk pointing out the importance that one does not get lost in the big stuff but better chooses the small issues and make them to the object of oberservation: "We’re dealing with a large issue: suffering. But you’re not going to see suffering if you just think about large issues all the time."


(2013; 43 p./70KB) [PDF icon]

A translation of collected Dhamma discussions under the leadership of Acharn Sujin Boriharnwanaket during a travel through the dhamma world of Cambodia with one of the formost leading laity teacher of Cambodia, Buth Sovung in December 2000.


(2013; -- p./--)

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that our valued Moritz Raguschat (a young Dhamma and ATI Friend form northern Germany and previous diligent co-worker in the background) has accepted the editor possibility of the ZzE pages. I wish not only him and you much joy in exploring the pages and the work around ZzE with it, but like to point out here as well that there is no good if we do not simply do it. Our valued Moritz also invites you personally to support him with the work when ever you feel motivated and to help him in all undertakings and put in your effort in what ever way you like. More information in regard of the handing over, please see Official hand over and receiving..

On this place I would like to express my gratitude for all active and passive support and trust many of you have been given and a blessing that all future works will always lead to the long time benefit of the giver and receiver within this share place of Dhamma. I will off course support and help in regard of development of ZzE and maybe with useful advices as long as I have the possibility to do so.


— Johann Brucker


(2013; -- p./--)

With the announcement of John Bullitt, about the cessation of further conrtibution of new content on ATI and the circumstance that ATI has been changed to different terms of use, it was nessesary to do not only make only the layout but also the substance and the intentions more round. You may look at the disscussion about it: [News] "c" goes "d" works around improvement of right view