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August 2013

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(2005; 212 p./1.2MB) [PDF icon]

The biography of Ven. Ācariya Mun Bhuridatta composed by his disciple and fellow Ven. Ācariya Maha Boowa Ñanasampanno. Next to countless anecdotes one may find a great reflection of a live of a true Buddhist forest monk.


(2013; 19 p./28KB) [PDF icon]

In this small booklet the author gives, in a very concise and succinct manner, an introduction to Vipassana meditation, as taught by Mahasi Sayadaw. The beginner is introduced into the method in a very instructive and detailled manner, so that he, if he follows it attentively step by step, keeps no doubt as to what is to do. Explained are sitting meditation, walking meditation and mindful prostration, which are detailled one after the other as building blocks for structuring the practice, complete with instructions on how to best integrate them. Each of these chapters concludes with a friendly challenge to take a moment and try the practice out for oneself before reading further. In this way one receives a swift and pragmatic introduction. At the end of the book follow, after a retrospective discussion of the theoretical background for deepening one's understanding, some practical possibilities on how to continue the meditation practice into one's normal everyday life, as well as advice regarding conduct of life which is helpful for the continuance of the meditation practice and the development of its full potential.


(2005; 1 p./3KB)

Venerable Yuttadhammo (formerly Noah Greenspoon) is a Canadian-born Theravada Buddhist monk, ordained in 2001 under the guidance of Venerable Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo of Chiang Mai, Thailand and has practiced intensive and daily meditation following the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition since January 2000. He has taught intensive meditation in Thailand, Sri Lanka, USA and Canada since 2003 and gives online teachings via YouTube. He studied Sanskrit, Pali and Indian Religion at McMaster University and University of Toronto, formal Thai Dhamma, Abhidhamma and Pali studies at Wat Phradhatu Sri Chom Tong and teaches Pali classes to advanced meditators from time to time. He is currently the head of the Parideha Forest Monastery in Manitoba, Canada. Next to the publication of several books especially for newcomer to meditation, he has created a Digital Pali Reader which is used by Pali scholars around the world. [Source: Just Another Buddhist Monk's Weblog ]