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April-June 2010

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A better search engine 2010.06.17

After considering many helpful comments and suggestions from ATI readers, I've finally replaced the search engine with a better one. Now you can locate short phrases like "the All", find suttas by reference number (e.g., "SN 56.11"), and perform the full array of complex Google searches. It's also far more forgiving of misspellings, sometimes suggesting alternate spellings (e.g., a search for "anatalakana" will prompt you to try "anattalakkhana"). It may not be perfect, but it's definitely Google-good. I hope it helps you find what you need.

Dhamma talks by Ajaan Chah 2010.05.31

Not for Sure: Two Dhamma Talks.
We suffer as a result of clinging to what is fundamentally inconstant (anicca). So don't fall for what you like; don't fall for what you dislike. Learn to punch your likes and dislikes before they punch you! [PDF icon]

An Essay On Buddha Nature 2010.05.28

Freedom From Buddha Nature.
According to the early Buddhist teachings, the mind is neither innately good, innately bad, or innately Awakened; it is our choices and our actions that shape the development of the mind. In fact, if we make any assumptions about the mind's innate qualities, we only impede our progress towards a true and lasting freedom.

Access to Insight on Facebook 2010.04.26

Access to Insight now has a page on Facebook. Currently being discussed on the Discussion Board: "What new features would you like to see on the Access to Insight website?"