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January-March 2010

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The Joy of Effort.
On bringing a joyful, playful attitude to the serious practice of meditation.


Vesali Sutta: At Vesali (SN 54.9).
How the practice of concentration through mindfulness of breathing clarifies the underlying purpose of other meditation practices.

ATI on your iPhone 2010.01.29

Appmagination has created a free iPhone app that allows you to carry the complete ATI website with you on your iPhone and browse it anywhere — even offline. Highly recommended.

2010 Uposatha Day calendar 2010.01.26

Four suttas for the New Year 2010.01.10

Assalayana Sutta: With Assalayana (MN 93).
The Buddha enters into a debate with a brahman on whether one's worth as a person is determined by birth or by behavior. Although some of the arguments he presents here deal with the specifics of brahman caste pride, many of them are applicable to issues of racism and nationalism in general. [TB]
Ekamsena Sutta: Categorically (AN 2.18).
The drawbacks of unskillful conduct and the rewards of skillful conduct.
Ukkacita Sutta: Bombast (AN 2.46).
Two kinds of people: those who listen attentively and critically to the Dhamma, and those who listen uncritically to other teachings.
Ananda Sutta: Ven. Ananda (AN 6.51).
Six ways for a monk's understanding of Dhamma to grow.