Nina van Gorkom [info icon]
Generosity: The Inward Dimension, by Nina van Gorkom
(From the anthology: Dana: The Practice of Giving, selected essays edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi.)
Dhamma in Cambodia, by Nina van Gorkom [PDF icon]
A translation of collected Dhamma discussions under the leadership of Acharn Sujin Boriharnwanaket during a travel through the dhamma world of Cambodia with one of the formost leading laity teacher of Cambodia, Buth Sovung in December 2000.
The Greatest Blessings, by Nina van Gorkom [PDF icon]
In this short essay, the author explains the Dhamma, making the short and famous Maha-Mangalasutta as its guide. It shows of the importance of outwardly conditions which are nessesary for a life in Dhamma. Next to its simple language and graspable structure, the author gives also elements of her own life as an anchor to take part.