Narada Thera [info icon]
Buddhism in a Nutshell, by Narada Mahathera (1995; 37pp./112KB)
An excellent introductory overview of the fundamental principles of Buddhist doctrine. Topics covered include: the life of the Buddha, the Dhamma (Is it a philosophy? A religion? An ethical system?), the Four Noble Truths, the Law of Kamma, Rebirth, Dependent Origination, Anatta, and Nibbana. Recommended for beginners.
Everyman's Ethics: Four Discourses of the Buddha, adapted from the translations of Narada Thera (1995; 17pp./50KB)
Four discourses by the Buddha that are of particular value to laypeople: the Sigalovada, Maha-mangala, Parabhava, and Vyagghapajja suttas.