Ñāṇadassana Bhikkhu [info icon]
Bhikkhu-Pātimokkha - Das Hauptregelwerk der buddhistischen Mönche, by Ven. Ñāṇadassana Bhikkhu (2015; 227 pp./174KB) (currently no translation) [PDF icon]
This translation of the roles of monks is the first of it's kind into German language and has been edited in 2008. Next to the recitation of the Patimokkha it contains a lot of explanations around ordination and formal procedures for monks, taken form various sources of the Vinaya and its Commentaries. Illustrations with pictures are additional supports for the reades understanding. The here supplied version is based on the generously shared pfd-edition and has a lot of cross references to make the search and context discovery within the work easier.
Karaṇīya Metta-Sutta: The Message of Peace and Universal Friendliness, by Ven. Ñāṇadassana Bhikkhu (2010; 26 pp./26KB) [PDF icon]
With this small booklet, the author, Ven. Ñāṇadassana Bhikkhu gives a compact introduction, not only in regard of the famous Karaṇīya Metta-Sutta, but also in regard of its proper use and the training of the path around metta bhavana, a tool not only for conditioned well-being or even low compensation to wrong livelihood, but also a tool for the highest gaining ever available. Taking the prerequisites and the Buddha-pointed-out-path serious in all measures and aspects, one is not able to fail the fruits and the path. Using metta as vehicle is most pleasing right from the beginning.
Ratana Sutta: The Buddha's Discourse on The Three Superb Jewels, by Ven. Ñāṇadassana Bhikkhu (2011; 43 pp./36KB) [PDF icon]
The Ven. author gives with this book detail explaining about the so often recited Protection-Sutta. It might be not only interesting for new comers but also for those familiar with it, since its scrupulously work out in detail, uncovering the hidden in every word, will provide a joyful refreshment about the famous Sutta.
Wisdom and the Seventy-Three Kinds of Mundane and Supramundane Knowledge, by Ven. Ñāṇadassana Bhikkhu (2003; 86 pp./261KB) [PDF icon]
This work contains a detail description of the kind of knowledges attained by practicing the path and is dedicated for the support of insight-meditation. It contains also comprehensive tables for comfortable overview of the single relations.