Susan Elbaum Jootla [info icon]
Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns, by Susan Elbaum Jootla (1994; 28pp./84KB)
An invitation and introduction to the Therigatha (Verses of the Elder Nuns), whose stories it contains are widely regarded as among the most moving and inspiring in the entire Pali canon.
Investigation for Insight, by Susan Elbaum Jootla (1994; 37pp./112KB)
An exploration of the teachings of dhammavicaya (investigation-of-dhammas), a key factor to be developed in the cultivation of insight.
The Practice of Giving, by Susan Elbaum Jootla
(From the anthology: Dana: The Practice of Giving, selected essays edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi.)
Right Livelihood: The Noble Eightfold path in the Working Life, by Susan Elbaum Jootla
(From the anthology: The Buddhist Layman, four essays by R. Bogoda, Susan Elbaum Jootla, and M.O'C. Walshe.)
A Taste of the Holy Life: An Account of an International Ordination in Myanmar, by Susan Elbaum Jootla (2005; 10pp./29KB)
An account of a 1994 ceremony in which fifty men ordained as bhikkhus (monks) at the International Meditation Centre in Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma).
Teacher of the Devas, by Susan Elbaum Jootla (1999; 38pp./114KB)
This lively book explores the important role played by the devas (divine beings) in the Pali suttas, with particular emphasis on the Buddha's role as their teacher.